SocialTech team attends Business University Forum in Chinzan Hotel, Tokyo

[Feb 23, 2017]

Business University Forum (BUF) is a platform to provide a venue for business and academic leaders to meet and discuss various issues arising from economic development and social changes. To mark its 25th anniversary, BUF organized a symposium titled, “Toward Inclusive Society- Cultivating Talents in a Rapidly Changing Society”. Mr. Fuji Cho, the chairman of BUF and the honorary chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation made the opening remarks and welcomed Professor Yunus to deliver the Keynote speech.

Among the other speakers were Michael Dowling, chairman of the board, Munchner Kreis; Akihiko Kumagai, President and CEO of GE Japan; Dario Gil, Vice President, Science and Solutions, IBM; TAN Chorh Chuan, President National University of Singapore. Professor Yunus’ concept was discussed during the parallel sessions. Mr. Akio Mimura, the chairman of the JCCI (Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry) described the wealth concentration problem with detailed facts and figures. The symposium focused on a new knowledge-based society, looking ahead to the potential of the technologies, their impacts on social structure, continuous adaptation to changes in people’s values.