Science Agora 2017

Innovation in Universal e-Health: Portable Health Clinic System in Asian Communities

Nov. 25th, 2017(Sat)14:15-15:45
Telecom Center Building, Odaiba, Tokyo 3F Ministage-1

portable health clinic

[Program Schedule]

14:15   Concept of Portable Health Clinic PHCの概念
            Dr. Ashir Ahmed; Kyushu University and Grameen Communications
14:25   PHC in Bangladesh バングラデシュの事例
            Dr. Rafiqul Islam Maruf; Medical Information Center, Kyushu University
14:40   PHC in India インドの事例
           Dr. Fumihiko Yokota; Institute of Decision Science, Kyushu University
14:55   PHC in Cambodia カンボジアの事例
           Dr. Kimio Kikuchi; Institute of Decision Science, Kyushu University
15:10   Healthcare Innovation in Silicon Valley シリコンバレーヘルスケア革新技術
           John Kojiro Moriwaka; Executive Vice President & CIO, Moriwaka Medical
15:25  Free discussion Q & A.
           Moderator: Dr. Takuzo Osugi; Osaka University
15:45  End.

Speakers Profile

Concept of Portable Health Clinic (PHC):PHCの概念
Dr. Ashir Ahmed
Associate Professor, Kyushu University, Japan

Dr. Ahmed is an Associate Professor at Kyushu University, Japan and also the Director of Global Communication Center at Grameen Communications in Bangladesh. Aiming to produce and promote ICT based social services for the unreached community, in 2007, he developed a joint collaboration with Grameen Communications and Kyushu University and produced numerous projects e.g. GramWeb (a village information platform), ePassbook (an electronic gadget for the unreached), $300 portable clinic and IGPF (Income Generation Project for Farmers using ICT). Inside the University, he developed a team of multi-disciplinary researchers which ultimately produced 3 social business research organizations e.g. GCL (Grameen Creative Lab), GTL (Grameen Technology Lab) in 2009 and a social business research center (SBRC) in 2011. After receiving PhD from Tohoku University in 1999, he worked with Avaya Labs, and NTT Communications, Japan to R&D VoIP systems. His current research aims to develop ICT for development. He is a member of IEEE, EMBS, and IEICE.

アシル・アハメッド Ashir Ahmed 九州大学大学院システム情報科学研究院准教授。東北大学電気通信研究所客員研究員,日本アバイア研究所,NTTコミュニケーションズ先端IPアーキテク チャセンター, 九州大学次世代研究スーパースター養成プログラム・SSP研究員を経て,2011年4月より現職。グラミン・コミュニケーションズではプロジェクトディレ クターを務める。

PHC in Bangladesh:バングラデシュの事例
Dr. Rafiqul Islam Maruf
Associate Professor
Medical Information Center, Kyushu University, Japan

Dr. Rafiqul Islam Maruf is working as an Associate Professor at Medical Information Center of Kyushu University Hospital under Kyushu University, Japan. Before joining here in this October, he has been working as a Director (Operations) of Global Communication Center, the ICT based R&D wing of Grameen Communications, Bangladesh. Earlier Dr. Maruf worked in Japanese IT industries for 12 years after completing his Ph.D. in Information Engineering in 1993 from Hokkaido University, Japan.
Dr. Maruf has been associated with various Internet standardization organizations, government bodies and business communities. He has attended many International Conference, Seminars and events of ICT around the world and spoke on ICT for development. His interest covers in the areas including ICT for agriculture, education, environment, information and healthcare.




PHC in Cambodia:カンボジアの事例
Dr. Kimiyo Kikuchi
Lecturer, Institute of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society, Kyushu University, Japan

Dr. Kimiyo Kikuchi: Lecturer, Institute of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society, Kyushu University. PhD. in Health Science. Specialty areas: global health, HIV infection, and maternal and child health. Studied at Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo. Conducted a research on antiretroviral therapy adherence of children living with HIV in Rwanda during PhD. course. Worked as a consultant of official development in the JICA or MOFA projects on maternal health, school health, and water and sanitation in Africa and the Middle-East. Settled in the University of Tokyo as an assistant professor and worked as a main researcher of “Ghana Continuum of Care in Maternal and Child Health Implementation Research Project” which embodies “New International Health Policy 2011-2015” of Japanese government. Worked for promoting the continuum of care while having contributed to the first development of “a maternal and child health record book”. Having been inspired by portable health clinic of Dr. Ashir Ahmad, launched a project to improve the continuum of care on maternal and child health in Cambodia using a tele-medicine system by the collaboration with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and the University of Tokyo.

菊地 君与(Dr. Kimiyo Kikuchi)九州大学持続可能な社会のための決断科学センター講師。保健学博士。国際保健学、HIV感染症、母子保健が専門。東京大学大学院医学系研究科修了。博士課程にてルワンダにおけるHIV感染児の抗レトロウイルス薬アドヒアランスに関する研究を行う。政府開発援助(ODA)コンサルタントとして、JICAや外務省が実施する母子保健、学校保健、水衛生に関するプロジェクトをアフリカ、中近東にて実施。東京大学大学院医学系研究科特任助教として、日本政府による「新国際保健政策2011-2015」を具現化するためのプロジェクトである「ガーナ母子継続ケア実施研究プロジェクト」の研究に従事。ガーナにおける母子継続ケアの普及を進めるため、ガーナ初の母子手帳開発に繋げる。九州大学においてアシル・アハメッド准教授らと母子保健対策としてのポータブル・ヘルス・クリニックを着想し、東京農工大学、東京大学との共同で、アクセスが困難な地域における母子の継続ケアを改善するためのプロジェクトをカンボジアにて実施。。


Healthcare Innovation in Silicon Valley:シリコンバレーヘルスケア革新技術
John Kojiro Moriwaka
Executive Vice President & CIO, Moriwaka Medical

Prof. John Kojiro Moriwaka Based in Silicon Valley, USA, Prof. Moriwaka is Executive Vice President & CIO of Moriwaka Medical, CEO of Silicon Valley Ventures, and the CEO & CDO of Evolable Asia at its USA Office. With the title of the youngest professor in Japan, he teaches entrepreneurship & innovation at Yamaguchi University, and published a book about ‘leadership & innovation’. He has often been invited to leading universities, hospitals and organizations within Japan and abroad, not just as a promoter of innovation but as a charismatic motivational speaker. He was invited to give a talk at Health2.0 in Korea and China 2016. Likewise, he is a member of US-Japan MedTech Frontiers. He is a mentor of Alchemist Accelerator, and an angel investor of Life Science Angels. He is also an alumni of Harvard Business School.

森若 幸次郎 (John Kojiro Moriwaka) 株式会社モリワカ 専務取締役(兼)CIO 株式会社シリコンバレーベンチャーズ 代表取締役社長(兼)CEO 株式会社エボラブルアジア USオフィス CEO & CDO シリコンバレーと日本を行き来する実業家・イノベーションプロバイダー・日本史上最年少国立大学客員教授。 世界最難関大学のエグゼクティブ教育にて、ハーバードビジネススクールPLD(リーダーシップ開発プログラム)を日本人最年少で修了し、スタンフォード大学経営大学院でM&A、ハス・ビジネススクール(UCバークレー)でベンチャーキャピタルを学ぶ。 現在、シリコンバレーをはじめ、国内外のスタートアップ企業等へ経営アドバイスをする傍ら、銀座でこれまでの留学や実業での学びを元に独自のメソッドで開発したアクセラレーター「グローバル・イノベーター・プログラム(GIP)」にて、世界を良くするグローバルイノベーター育成をしている。 さらに、シリコンバレーの著名アクセラレーターAlchemist Acceleratorのメンター、中小企業基盤整備機構(経済産業省所管)が行うスタートアップ・新規事業開発支援のための中小機構 BusiNest(ビジネスト)のメンター、けいはんなリサーチコンプレックス(関西最大の学術研究都市)のオープンイノベーションのメンター等も務める。 シリコンバレー拠点のライフサイエンス スタートアップ企業に投資するエンジェル投資グループ Life Science Angels(2014年のCB Insightによれば、米国にあるエンジェル投資グループ370社の中で、トップに輝いている)のメンバーにも参加。 自身も医療機器開発をドイツ人エンジニア等と共同で行い、国際特許出願中である。

PHC in India:インドの事例
Fumihiko Yokota
Institute of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society, Kyushu University, Japan



Fumihiko Yokota is currently a Lecturer in the Institutes of Decision Science for Sustainable Society at Kyushu University. He has more than ten years of epidemiological research experience in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, India, and Bangladesh.