アシル・アハメッド研究室“Social Technology Lab”は、技術による世界的な社会課題の解決を目指すプロジェクトを展開しています。
もし、適切な技術がそれを必要とする多くの人達のもとに届くならば、SDGsが対象とする問題の多くは効果的に緩和、解決されるはずです。私達 Social Technology Labは、技術が届いていない人達に、持続可能な方法で技術の恩恵をもたらす方法を調査、研究、開発、展開しています。


Enables villagers to inform the world about themselves and their villages. In today’s world information is power and GramWeb provides an easily accessible information platform to upload and collect information of 85,000 villages of Bangladesh. The redesigned new GramWeb enables Village Information Entrepreneurs (VIE) to connect with their fellow villagers and the world, nurturing a growing community which stays updated and informed. Spanning from demographically, social development status to employment, GramWeb creates diverse opportunities of income generation for the VIEs and villagers. With the aim to create one website for each village, GramWeb invites promising candidates to register as VIE in GramWeb and create, upload and own their village-friendly and easily accessible village portal.


Gram Health
Portable Health Clinic aims to build an affordable, usable and sustainable preventive healthcare system for unreached people. PHC has four major modules (1) a health clinic box with different medical sensors (2) an empowered female healthcare entrepreneur (we call her Grameen Healthcare Lady) (3) a software system to store and manage healthcare data and (4) a doctor call center in urban area with the access to the healthcare database for providing consultancy to the patients by using video conferencing tool. The healthcare data archive can be an invaluable source of information for the government, NGO, social development organizations to know the area based health situation and trends.


IGPF (Income Generation Project for Farmers Using ICT) aims to produce technologies to provide advanced farming knowledge, crop maintenance and marketing information. The Farming Information and Monitoring Service (FIMS) system has been developed for this purpose and used in this system. Farmers can communicate with the experts for producing chemical free healthy vegetables and market agents in remote areas. IGPF is funded by JICA jointly supported by GCC, BSMRAU and WIN Inc.


Social Services on Wheels (SSW) endeavors to create social entrepreneurs by introducing multi-service community car to sustainably serve the unreached people with basic social services. There are six different ICT based social services related to education, learning, basic healthcare, market access and basic transportation services in emergency and social issues. The car can bring mobility to the villagers’ life by taking the social services to their doorsteps leading them to increased productivity and thus accelerate social development.



International Research Opportunity Program (IROP) creates opportunities for the students, professionals and researchers who are interested in developing social business. We arrange research tour programs to the fields to identify social problems and gather unique ideas to solve social issues. Currently we are collaborating with universities, corporates and other organizations from Japan, and hosting more than 100 researchers per year. Grameen Yukiguni Maitake Ltd. (GYM), a joint venture social business between Yukiguni Maitake Co. Ltd., Japan and Grameen Krishi Foundation, Bangladesh was born through this program.



e-Passbook an electronic gadget for the poor. Can be used for multiple purposes e.g. (1) as a digitized passbook for the micro-finance borrowers for their financial records (2) maintain family health records (3) e-money transfer and online transaction etc.