Dr. Ashir talks about “Portable Health Clinic ” in IEICE conference at Gifu

Conference Name: the 2013 General Conference IEICE (IEICE 2013) Date: 19-22 Mar 2013 Venue: Gifu University  

Dr. Ashir talks about “Innovation and business” in IIR seminar at Tokyo

Seminar name: maggic international symposium (maggic 20130314) Venue: Iino hall Dr.Ashir “talks about technology for the BOP people”

Eiko presents “Portable Health Clinic” in the 1st MJJS2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Eiko attended the international conference and had one oral presentation. Conference Name: MJIIT-JUC Joint Symposium (MJJS 2012) Date: 20-24 Nov 2012 Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Her role: Presenter in a oral session. Her presentation overview: Title: Remote Health Consultancy Service for UnReached community : A case study of Bangladesh Goal: To show how remote health  Read More »

xTURP Lab for Japanese and Bangladeshi junior high school students

In this lab, students learn the basic anatomy of IP telephony. They setup IP telephony clients in different devices (iPad, iPod, windows laptop, android smart phone, and SIP hard phones). The students initiate the calls and talk to each other by using the devices.