Social Business Exposure Program (SBEP)

We have opened the door for everyone to explore the world of Social Business considering the enormous interest from all around the world about this new arena of capitalism dedicated for the good of the society. Here, the participants get to visit some of the foremost Social Business organizations in Bangladesh and experience their field activities very closely. The theoretical aspects of Social Business are also demonstrated by interactive workshops. Students and professionals of any field can join the program.


Tentative Program Schedule
Day 1
  • Introduction & Knowledge Sharing Meeting by GCC
  • Workshop on Social Business by Yunus Center
  • Attend Seminar/ Meeting on areas of interest at local universities*
 Day 2 – 5
  • Move out of Dhaka to visit Social Business Ventures:
    • Grameen Krishi (Agriculture) Foundation
    • Grameen Motsho (Fisheries) Foundation
    • Grameen Healthcare Service (GC Eye Hospital)
    • Grameen Danone Foods
    • Grameen Shakti
    • Grameen Kolyan Healthcare Center
    • Grameen Yukuguni Maitake Limited
    • Grameen Bank Center (MFI) activities
    • Grameen Veolia (drinking water processing plant)
Day 6
  • Come back to Dhaka
  • Visit Yunus Center & Meet Nobel Laureate Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus*
  • Visit the traditional structures of Old Dhaka

*Depends on the availability of schedule


Who Can Join
Any person interested in social business, professionals, entrepreneurs or students studying at Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-graduate or equivalent level at any educational institution can apply to participate in the program. We arrange the program schedules according to the summer vacations or other holidays available to the professionals and students so that they can make it without affecting their work or studies.
What is the Cost
As we hold the programs in groups, each of the members has to pay a certain amount. However, the charge per person varies depending on the place of accommodation, number of students participating in a program, duration of stay and some other factors. On the basis of our experience from last few programs per person charge can be US$ 400 – 600.
How to Apply
If you think that you have something to share with the enormously potential villagers and anything to learn from the problems and possibilities of rural Bangladesh, you can definitely apply to participate in this program. Please write to us at expressing the areas of your interest.


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