Students or professionals of any discipline can apply to pursue an Internship program at GCC. GCC provides opportunities to work on the ICT based researches and also in the arena of business development. Interns can choose from any of our projects to work in. We also consider accomplishment of specific task-requirements of the students (coming from their universities/ educational institutions/ own interest) as long as it matches with our project objectives.
 A. Short-term Internship
An applicant can go for a short-term internship which is usually of two to four weeks. If the timing of this shorter period internship matches with the schedule of any of our field activities, we provide the interns the opportunity to participate in it.
 B. Long-term Internship

A long-term internship can be of one month to a year. However, it can be extended on the basis of the applicant’s interest. As we have year round field activities, interns undertaking a longer period of practice here can expect to be able to participate in our project filed activities and visit villages.

Food, accommodation and other personal expenses are to be carried by the applicant during his/her internship in GCC. But we can help you arrange accommodation facilities near Grameen Office as we have the privilege to get corporate rates for our Interns and guests as an organization.

How to Apply

You can contribute a lot to the values of GCC by participating in the Internship program, as well as, it is a very good opportunity to have organizational exposure in GCC. Please write to us at expressing the areas you are keen to work on and the Projects of GCC you are interested in.

  • Establish a bottom-up approach to create Social Business (SB) opportunities
  • Assist the villagers to overcome their problems
  • Demonstrate villagers’ needs and identify new social roles
Work Scope
  • Investigate and survey on socio-economical situation and living in the rural areas of Bangladesh
  • Work with the villagers to collect village information about their life style, requirements and problems
  • Research on technologies to find-out solutions
  • Study and introduce self-sustaining business models