GCC Arranged Promotional Health Camp at Khan Villa under Mirpur Community

On April 04, 2018-GCC organized a promotional health camp at Khan Villa under Mirpur community to demonstrate and promote its innovative GramHealth: Portable Health Clinic (PHC). GCC team provided free medical health checkup and doctor consultancy support for the 26 families living in this apartment. This program served a total of 24 patients from 13 families; out of that 9 patients received doctor consultancy support from GramHealth call center. 2 families have been registered as GramHealth member during this event.


The objective of this program was to create awareness on preventive healthcare. By this program, some patients surprisingly came to knew about their poor health status what they did not know earlier. Most of the resident remarked this promotional health camp event as a very useful initiative and expressed a great appreciation for this program. They also expected to have such programs again in future.

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